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Exchange Your Old Kindle Model With A New One And Get 25% Off!

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Are you bored with your old Kindle model? If yes, then Amazon has brought an excellent opportunity for you to exchange your old Kindle model, and get a 25% discount off the new model that you choose to buy. To know more about the offer, read on.

If you were looking to upgrade your Kindle model, then this is perhaps the excellent period of doing that. Amazon has brought a great opportunity for users who are using old Kindle models to get their hands on the newest Kindle models by exchanging the old models.

Not just that, the company is offering 25% discount as well, so there is nothing better than this deal because you can give away your old Kindle device in return for a new Kindle device, which you are getting at 25% less value that it is available on the market for.

It is hard to get 25% off on electronic items, until and unless the devices and the technology used in them have become obsolete. A new Kindle model is a lot more advanced and sophisticated than the old models

A discount that you can’t afford to miss!

Purchasing a new Kindle is hard to justify if you already have a Kindle device. This is why Amazon has come up with a promotion because the company believes that this sort of a promotion makes it easy for users to get the latest Kindle device in order to enjoy the latest technology.

Just give your old Kindle model, which you have become completely bored with in exchange for the newest model, and get 25% off as well. Many users would think that there has to be some ‘terms and conditions’ tag alongside this promotion, but there isn’t.

Amazon is paying anywhere from $5 for the debut Kindle model to $75 for Kindle Oasis 2016 model. Amazon isn’t that strict on the condition of the models as well. So, the exchange rate of a Kindle that is in a good condition (i.e., no chips and cracks) will be the same as that of the Kindle model with a cracked display.

Where this would benefit the people who have used the device roughly since day one, but those who have taken a good care of their Kindle devices will be a bit disappointed for not being rewarded for their good maintenance. The company is offering a much better discount on the newer Kindle model, but the condition of the Kindle model needs to be good.

After you trade in your Kindle device, then you will receive a coupon for 25% discount of the new one. So, you can either get that coupon redeemed by personally going to the Amazon Books Store and exchanging the device at the shop.

If you want to do it online, then Amazon will inspect the device diligently and then, it is going to add the discounted amount into your Amazon account, which you will be able to use for future purchases.

You can get the cheapest Kindle model at $60, which if you try to buy without exchanging your Kindle device will cost you more than $80. Similarly, you can get Kindle Paperwhite at $89, whereas the original price is $119. Kindle Oasis can also be bought within $200 range with the coupon.

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