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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Kindle

About Amazon Kindle

Kindle E-reader is an amazing and innovative device which a bookworm should carry. This device works on ink-based technology and stores thousands of books which you can read in natural light without requiring any backlit. There are some models that come with backlit. If you have a Kindle E-reader, then you can read any book for long hours without any problem. This is one of the best devices for the Avid reader.

If you are wanting to know the basic and premium features of Amazon Kindle E-reader, then continue reading the passage. We are going to have a look at some of its astounding features that you will find in every Kindle model and let you know the reason why it’s trending too much.

Amazon kindle basic features

From the beginning when it gets launched, it was a great success due to its superior quality and futuristic approach. The unique selling point of this product was its negligible effect on eyes even after long hours of reading and the economical price.

  1. Thin and lightweight: The total weight of the Kindle E-reader is just 160 grams and is sleek too. The Kindle E-reader is much lighter and compact than the physical books. You can easily carry while going on vacation.
  2. Anti-Glare screen: All Kindle models are coming with the Anti-Glare screen that is again its best feature. Earlier the book readers take on reading either on the tablet or on the cell phones. What really upset them was the glaring effect on screen even with proper brightness. Now, with the launch of Kindle, you can read the content even under direct sunlight.
  3. No strain on eyes: When you read any book for long hours on cell phone or tablet, it may cause strain on your eyes but with the ink-based technology used in kindle, it will be easy for your eyes. You will notice no strain on eyes at all what a real book may cause.
  4. Long lasting battery: The battery of amazon kindle is very powerful. It can last for over a week if fully charged during normal 4-5 hours of reading per day. You can charge it completely in 4 hours.
  5. No Blue Light: As mentioned in the above passage, there is no blue light in this product. It is designed to keep in mind the interest and requirements of Avid readers. You will find that the text reflects with natural light all around. If you compare it with smartphones, then the blue rays from the background screen may affect the eyes
  6. Thousands of books: You can search for more than 2 million titles from the online Kindle store. Besides this, Amazon offers more than 30,000 books free of cost to the Kindle EBook readers.
  7. Inbuilt dictionary: Have ever come across a problem in understanding the meaning of any word or you find any need to search for particular word online? If yes, then Kindle has broken down this issue. They have developed an inbuilt dictionary with the use of which user can easily find the meaning of any word. Just click on the word and click on ‘Synonyms’.

Enhance your vocabulary: Amazon provides you with the platform from where you can enhance your vocabulary. There’s vocabulary builder app installed on the Kindle that will not only improve the vocabulary but also your knowledge.

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