The pathway to whistles and chimes of the Nook tablet remains in the reading tools menu of the tablet. From this menu, you can quickly go through a book, share your knowledge, change the way of page looks, or search in something. Nook Support can be taken if you want to know more about your nook tablet.


Nook Reading ToolsFirst and the basic tool is Slider. It is in gray color along with a blue dot somewhere along its path. The location of the dot shows where you are in the book. For quickly moving backward or forward a touch and drag the slider right or left.

The button at the right end of the slider lets you buy your own copy of the book if you are reading a book that you have taken on loan from someone. Nook Com Support can be used for more details.

If you want to see the special features related o book and the publisher has added, then you will see a small blue flag to the right end of the slider. By tapping on this flag, you will be able to see the special features of the book or the books like the book you are reading and much more. Please log on to www Nook com to know more about the features of the slider.


Nook Reading

When you will Select this option a menu will come up with three different options. These are:

Contents: The list of chapters will be highlighted in this option and the current chapter will be highlighted in gray color. In most of the books, you can directly jump to the section or subsection just by tapping the name of the title or subsection.

Notes & Highlights: A list of highlighted passages r notes made by you on your current book will be in this option. You can jump to any note just by clicking on it.

Bookmarks: It will show the list of all bookmarks that you are having in current title. You can jump on any of them just by tapping it.


Use this option with the help of your PC’s power to find any word or phrase in the book. For this follow these steps or take Nook Help in case you miss anyone:

  • Click on Search option. A keyboard screen will appear.
  • Now type the word or the phrase that you want to search.
  • Click on the search button on the screen at the lower right corner.


Sometimes you get something that you want to share with others like on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can do this by tapping on sharing option and when you will click this following options will come or you can take the assistance of Nook Customer Service:

Recommend: You can praise a book by sending an email or recommendation on Facebook or Twitter.

Post Reading Status: You can tell your friends that how much you have read a particular book on Facebook or Twitter.

Rate or Review: You can also send or comments or ratings from 1 to 5 on or post your reviews on twitter or Facebook.

Like on Facebook: You can tell your friends on Facebook that you have really liked a book.


This is the option where your web connection can show off its talent and ability. When you click on the Discover option then you will see 3 options that are related to your current book. These are:

Next in the Series: This option will tell you the books coming in future by the same publisher whose book you are currently reading.

More by Author: This option will let you know the coming books of the author whose you are reading currently.

Customers Who Also Bought this Book: This option will let you see the other buyers of the book that you are currently reading.