With the exponential growth in the field of technology, everything around us has changed from the past. No doubt the technology used in manufacturing the screens or display have also been changed. All the reputed companies are constantly doing R&D’s on their developed ‘background screens’ to make them better.

The companies are of the view that not all the screens are good for eyes. Some put a strain on eyes while watching contents. They are developing high resolution with much brighter screens than normal one’s which make hard for users to maintain focus on it for quite a long time. Here if we talk about kindle device, then this is the best device from screen point of view. Amazon kindle support E-ink display that not only easy for eyes but also eases you to stay reading for a longer time period without any strain.

Why monitors cause eye stress?

Kindle ereaderChanging levels of brightness is considered to be the prime cause behind the eye strain with monitor screens. When the monitor screen color changes, then the size of your pupil also get changes and frequent changes in the size of pupil exhaust the tiny muscles of your eyes and you started feeling heavy on both eyes. You will suffer this problem mainly in darker rooms, where the natural light is negligible and the screen brightness continuously changes.

Another problem you may face while watching contents on the computer screen in glaring. The glaring problem normally occurs, when your screen has positioned opposite to sunlight or to another source of light. The simple way to remove this problem is; just change the direction of your screen.

But if you want to work in the former position, then you need to purchase an anti-glare technology computer that doesn’t reflect the sunlight. Kindle comes with anti-glare screen technology. More kindle help and support related to this technology are also available on www kindle com support link. You can follow this link from your kindle device.

How kindle screen works?

Amazon Kindle SupportKindle uses E-ink display instead of the backlight to lighten the pixels. This helps in spreading the light around the screen properly and forms a clear image. Another point to discuss here is that the contrast level in kindle screen remained constant, so your eye need not adjust the brightness again and again.

Due to the absence of the light source, the glaring effect and reflex action are almost negligible in kindle device. If your kindle screen keeps on freezing, then this is due to update problem so if you are using a kindle fire tablet, then go to kindle fire update link and update your kindle as early as possible. The major constraint of kindle device is; you cannot read the contents in the dark rooms. To come out of this limitation, you can use reading light in your room.

E-ink display in other devices

Kindle with e-ink displayAll the kindle rivals have also inbuilt E-ink display in their E-readers. This technology is not yet introduced in computer and other electronic gadgets. The reason being the; E-ink display incapability to support color and other screen changes that are required while playing video games. Another drawback of this display is that it is available only in the black and white version not in colored, whereas people prefer color screens. Here I want to clear that if you want to replace a screen of your kindle due to any malfunctioning, then you can order it over Amazon by simply entering the Amazon credit card login details for the payment gateway. You can purchase a new screen by signing up for your existing kindle account and use your personal details for the delivery address.