As we no one looks good without clothes, whether you talk about humans or gadgets. After all proper dress gives you a fine and stylish touch, plus enhance your personality….so here we have some dresses or you can say cases for your NVIDIA Shield tablet.

ProCase Premium Folio Cover case

ProCase-leather-folio - tablethelpline

Here we have the fine ProCase Premium Folio Cover case for your NVIDIA Shield tablet. It protects your device from the scratches plus it doesn’t hold much weight. Best thing is that the price of this case is so genuine, it will cost you $20.

Its exterior is made up of leather and from inside it is totally soft material which will provide care to your tablet. It turns the tablet’s screen off and on while you open or close it.


NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Cover - tablethelpline

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Cover, from the name you can imagine that this case will fit perfect on your tablet. It’s made with a polyurethane faux leather exterior and interior is made up of microfiber, which will give protection to your device. This case also supports auto sleep and wake.

Poetic NVIDIA Shield Tablet Case

Poetic NVIDIA Shield Tablet Case - tablethelpline

The Poetic NVIDIA Shield Tablet case is little heavy for users but plus point is that it will give complete protection to your tablet. Its body is made up of food grade silicone, which users can clean it very easily plus comfortable to hold and its grasps built-in channeling chambers created to direct sound from the speakers up toward users face, means you can clearly listen to the audio or music tracks.

Fintie SmartShell case

Fintie SmartShell case - tablethelpline

You will glad to know that this case is available in various colors. This case not only gives a protection but also gives a good and attractive look. Fintie SmartShell case is made up of polyurethane synthetic leather, and its interior is soft, which is made up of microfiber. The case is light-weighted plus grasps the magnetic closure. If you’re looking for a reliable, light-weighted and stylish case, then go for it.

ProCase SlimSnug case

ProCase SlimSnug case - tablethelpline

ProCase SlimSnug Case is the slim but protective case to your tablet. Users can feel comfort while holding the tablet with one hand. It is composed of hard polycarbonate and interior holds the microfiber. Again one more case, which is available in various colors. If you’re looking for a slim and protective case, then ProCase SlimSnug case is the best option for you.