Barnes & Noble nook books had been one of the finest competitors in the market. With their extensive nature of services, it’s been a long successive journey for the giant retailer. B&N nook books have rendered their services through the technological advancement in the form of Nook apps in the market. All the potential customers of nook books who are unaware about the app should know about the easy download and troubleshoot steps to enjoy the astonishing services of this app. Well, if you have ordered any e-book from B&N, then you can easily read and download the book with nook app on your Apple iPad. As most of the potential consumers are aware that the app is developed on the android platform; it certainly has some technical issues with Apple iOS platform. Besides that, you can encounter any problem with Nook com support or take any kind of assistance with Nook customer service to fix the bugs in an efficient manner.

After the signing in process to your account, you will see all your purchases of books in the app library. But, unfortunately, you can’t purchase any new book during the publication. While, as we discussed the Apple iPad above, we will now look at the simple procedure to download the nook books to Apple iPad.

Steps To Download Nook Book To iPad

Nook App - iPad

  • Connect your iPad to a Wi-Fi network: After confirming the connection, tap on “App store” on your iPad. Navigate to the search field and type “nook” and select “nook” by Barnes & Noble. In the next window, tap on “free” button and enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Download the nook app: The login process will promote you to download the nook app and launch it after the completion of the downloading process. After the app is launched, enter your nook password and username to the next window. The app would showcase newspapers, magazines and covers of all the books you have purchased.
  • Select the books by filter: This is one of the favorite steps for all of you out there, as you can select your favorite books in a simple way. You can filter the collection of books according to your interest by tapping “All items” and can start selecting the favorite ones from “Books, newspapers, magazines or archived. You can also search the book by its name by tapping on the search field.
  • Downloading of a book: If you wish to download any book of your interest, just click at the bottom of the book cover, which turns will turn into a status bar to indicate the download progress.
  • Delete the book: If you wish to download any book which is listed in your library, you can delete it by tapping and holding for a few seconds would generate a screen with two options “Achieve” and “Delete”. Select any option to locate the book. You can download it further if you wish to.
  • Purchase any book: Now you can purchase any book from the website of B&N. After the purchase is done, you can tap on “Refresh” button to open the book directly from the nook app.


After purchasing a book from the Barnes and Noble website, you need to sign in to the website and make your account with updated payment information (the payment is regarding the books you will purchase). After this website procedure, you can navigate to the app to read your book. Refresh the app, if you don’t find your book or download it again. Further, if you find any difficulty in downloading ebook on you Nook then you can take Nook Help from the nook professionals.