Kindle is an exceptional device when it comes to reading. It offers amazing features that are adored by its users. Kindle support is always there to provide proper support and direction in case we come across some obstacle. With Kindle, you get full access to the huge library of Amazon after creating Amazon Account. Here you can get free e-books or purchase books at a good price. If you are unable to download books on your Kindle device then feel free to ask for Kindle Help.

To transfer books from your computer to your device then follow these simplistic steps:

  • In case you are wondering how to manage my Kindle account the let me tell you purchased books get stored in the Cloud and you can transfer them to other devices.
  • First of all, head towards Manage Your Content and Devices and connect your device and computer via USB cable. If you’re a Windows user then you will see the device in the My computer and if you’re Mac users then the device will appear on the desktop.
  • Now open the device folder and then step ahead to open the Documents or Internal Documents folder. Search for the downloaded file on your computer and drag that file to the accurate folder. Make sure that if you’re a Kindle Paperwhite user then you need to move books to the documents folder whereas Fire tablet users can move the books to Books folder.

Add Books

  • Now comes the final step plug out the USB cable safely from your computer after transferring the books.

Also, Kindle users can take the benefits of others services like Kindle Unlimited and Prime Membership.