The parameter to define the qualitative approach of any gadget is the qualitative service and the promising features provided to the potential consumers of the market. This parameter is that key which has been adopted by Barnes and Noble’s nook tablet in the tablet market among such quality competitors such as kindle, kobo, iPad and Samsung. With their astounding nature of services and features, the tablet has marked its journey in the competitive nature of the market. B&N has carried the legacy of rendering books with tremendous service through advanced technology in the form of Nook apps. The most recent development the giant book retailer has come up with is the Nook tablet 7. The latest offering contains some dynamic features to make your experience better than the previous one. The new version is available for all the potential customers in the market.  As the device is new, there could be some unwanted problems in your accessing path, which can troubleshoot with Nook customer service, which will provide you proper assistance from experts. Every user in the market has the desire to get better internet connectivity. And this desire is the first priority which nook users are not getting on the conventional basis.

To counter this issue, we have come up with some useful solutions.  

  • To counter the problem, the first step is to switch off the Wi-Fi of your device and switch it on after few seconds. This is one of the common steps you can use to turn your Wi-Fi on when it seems like it is not working. This solution will revive the wireless connection to your device. Note that its note a permanent solution, but you can still take the chances. And who knows, the chances turn out to be the solution for you.
  • The next solution in our list is switching off the device. To continue, simply tap the power button for 7 seconds and choose power off option from the pop-up. This step will turn off your device, and to restart, click the power button again for 2 seconds. This step is quite common in all the smart devices. This step can ensure your device to get start without any connectivity hurdles. Still, if you got any queries in this process like any error, then simply go to Nook Help to get the required assistance.
  • Does your device is updated with the latest software version? If no, then go through this solution. As to counter the issue you have to replace your device software version with the latest version.

To update the latest software version, go through these steps: –

  • Direct to the settings of your device.
  • You will get the window of device information.
  • Now, go through the about your nook section.

Your software version will be displayed on your screen. To get more information about the latest software update version, you can navigate to nook com support. This solution is quite important in terms of its nature, as if the software version of your nook is not updated, you can’t troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem. As, sometimes if the software version is not updated, it does not support all the features of your device, one of them could be the Wi-Fi too.


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