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Check Out Which Kindle Is Best For You In 2018?

Amazon Kindle

In E-reader’s market, Amazon is considered as the Top-rated company for manufacturing Kindle E-readers. There are a variety of models available in Kindle E-reader. These are differentiated from each other on the basis of features, shape, and size. If you want to purchase Kindle for personal reading, then we are going to provide the best guide for you to select right kindle.

Today, we are going to discuss the 4 Kindle models with you. You can select any one on the basis of your preference. Firstly, we are going to discuss the features which are common in all Kindle models.

  • Complete range of Books on Kindle bookstore.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Sharing feature on Book and notes.
  • A min of 6 inches E-ink display.

Besides above-mentioned points, you will also have access to audio books on oasis and kindle model.

  1. Amazon Kindle 8th generation: Amazon Kindle was rolled out in 2016 in the market. From then, this device is doing its best. This model is also known as ‘Kindle’ only. This device is packed with all the features which are available in premium models. Amazon introduced 2 prices for this same Kindle. If you want to get screensaver on locked screen then you have to pay some extra bucks. For normal kindle in which no such screensaver appears during the sleep mode is available 10 pounds less than former model. When you read any book from your Kindle, then the ad will not distract you.
  2. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: To have an extra light on the screen, you will have to purchase Kindle Paperwhite This model is coming with backlit. If you want to have a model which support 3G connection, then this device is best for you. Like in the previous model, there are two price options available. To get ad-free content on the screen or to start reading EBooks without any promotional message on the screen, you need to pay some extra price. This device is fitted with a High-resolution display which eases you to read books even at night.
  3. Amazon Kindle Voyage: This is another model from Amazon developed in 2016. This model lies between paperwhite and oasis kindle. If you want to get backlit on screen at a nominal price, then go with this kindle. The display size, pixel, and density of pixels are much better in this model than the normal kindle. Another amazing feature available in this model is ‘Page press’ and Light sensor. With page press, you don’t need to turn the page manually. It will turn automatically when you complete one page.
  4. Amazon Kindle Oasis: This is an elegant and latest model designed by Amazon in 2017. You will get all the basic functions in this device which are available in basic kindle. If we talk of its premium features, then you will get Metallic body along with the leather The design is so compact that you can operate with a single hand. This device can be even operated in water as this is waterproof. The thickness of this product is a bit lesser than the Voyage one. If you want to turn the page on this Kindle model, you can do so with the page button engrossed on the side of the panel. There is no light sensor available in this model. Yes, orientation feature is available in it. You can change the picture direction from left to right or vice versa.

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