Panasonic has launched a new tablet into the market by the name of ToughPad FZ-A2, which is considered to be a highly innovative model by the company. It has been launched in Barcelona Summit. The product is a 10.1 inch tablet that is equipped with Intel Atom x5 processor.

Panasonic Toughpad FZ A2

This tablet is a highly versatile tablet, which can be used in the automotive workshop sessions, showrooms and other related environments. People who are in the hotel business or should I say the hospitality business can also make use of this tablet. The design of this tablet is quite slim, as it is just 16.4 mm thick and weighs just below 900 grams. The device consists of a 4 GB RAM, which makes this device a lot faster.

The operating system of the tablet is the latest one, i.e., 6.0 Marshmallow, plus it also comes with Work Enterprise Security. The tablet comes with USB C type connectivity, a smartcard reader and a 2D barcode reader. It is a full HD tablet, which makes things a lot more interesting for the people. The tablet is dust resistant and is a highly resilient because it had been tested from the height of over one meter, which it passed with flying colors. The tablet can work in extreme hot and cold conditions. So, if you want to buy this device, then you will have to wait till July because then, it will be available at a price of $1, 357.