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If you owe a kindle fire on your side, then you should check out the apps that are available for your Kindle Fire device to better your e-reading experience.

All Kindle users, how is it going with your Kindle Fire device? With the lineup of different Kindle versions, Amazon has created a fine market for its e-reading device. The quality features and services have played out a vital role to make the e-reading device as one of the first choices for having the e-reading experience.

Since the launch of the device, Amazon has been actively involved in making its Kindle versions much better by upgrading them with the exclusive bunch of features and functions to enhance the performance of the e-reading device by rendering the better streaming experience to all the global users of the device. One of the best thing about the Amazon’s e-reading device is its Kindle library, which is the sole reason to provide the quality content with the bunch of different titles. To access them, all you are required to do is just to log in to your Amazon account and have the luxury of many titles.

Apart from the regular Kindle versions, if you are a prime owner of Kindle fire, then there are some of the classic apps which are provided by the Amazon.

Kindle Active Content- This section is particularly for all the Kindle users, who might not be aware that they can do a lot more with their e-reading device. At the time of the publication, there were over 300 “Active Content” apps which were developed by Amazon and also the fine game designers such as Electronic Arts.The game lineup includes some of the best titles “Minesweeper” and “Scrabble,” but many of them are mainly consists of the dictionary games, word searches, and crossword puzzles.

Most Popular list of apps- There are many apps which are popular on the mobile platform and are available on the Kindle device. By checking out the Appstore, you will get Netflix, Angry Birds, Minecraft, and Facebook is all on the first page. Apart from this, there are also the best options to check out with the Kindle Fire exclusives, including Easy Installer, CineXPlayer, Maxthon browser, and Producteev.

Kindle Fire Apps- The ultimate Kindle Fire renders a great selection of all the apps as compared to the original Kindle. At the publication time, the Amazon app store renders the lineup of 50,000 apps. There could be few for the first generation Kindle Fire as compared to the Kindle Fire HD or HD 8.9 models. Even there are also not any compatibility problems, as if it runs on the recent Kindle Fire, then it will also run on the original.

Sideloading- Due to the Android-based OS, the Kindle Fire has got the ability to run the maximum number of Android apps. But, by default, the tablet will only access the “Official” Kindle Fire apps from the Prime Amazon app store. It’s not simple to download and install the apps from the Google Play Store or any other app store. Well, you can easily avoid this limitation by going for the “sideloading” of the Android app APK files from the PC to the Kindle Fire through USB. The APK files are easily available on the internet, or you can also head to create them by accessing the installed backup app on the Android tablet or phone. You can’t have all the apps working finely on the Kindle Fire, for example, you can’t access the Google apps, like Gmail or Maps, as they required a Google login.


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