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Bring these best games to your Nook tablet

Here we have some games you can bring to your Nook platform. Take a glimpse at these games you are going to love them all.

Being a user of Nook, we would like to tell that you can add these astonishing games to your Nook platform. Here we have some games for you, check them out and install these amazing games on your Nook. If you face any technical error on your Nook device, then you’re free to get in touch with professionals and experts.

Doodle Snake:

This game will make you re-live your childhood, we don’t think so you need any introduction to this well-liked game, and if you’re 80s kids, then you can understand the feeling when we say let’s play Doodle Snake. Kids of this generation barely know this game, if they know they don’t show much interest in it but let us tell old is gold and this game was gold, is gold and will be gold. You can bring this game to your Nook tablet and re-live your childhood days.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends shows that many players can play this game, basically, in this, you will get your turn to build words crossword puzzle, merely in this game, you have to play with words plus this game also enhance your vocabulary. You can play this game with your friend, so if you’re feeling yourself in the state of boredom, then you need to play this game, time to enhance your vocabulary with enjoyment. If you face any technical glitch in your Nook, then you can ask for Nook Help by getting in touch with technicians as well.

Finger Slayer Box

Alright, if you want to enjoy some thrill then you need to check this fantastic game. In this game your speed matters, basically in the game, you will see that you player is standing in the boxing ring under three punches (wearing boxing gloves), these punches will hit your player, and use your finger to save your players. There’s no specific turn or time which blow will come first. Punches can randomly hit you.

Ms. Pac-Man

This game needs no introduction; this one is the favorite game from the golden period. If you’re 80s kids, then you know the depth of this game, and still, many gamers are in love with this fantastic game. So, if you’re ready to face Ms. Hungry Pac-Man then go for this game. If you’re a Nook users, then you can also enjoy this game on your device. We don’t want any technical bug disturbs you, so, if you face any technical error then step ahead to Nook Com Support for better assistance.

Word Stack

This game is not less than any addiction. This game will challenge your brain. If you’re ready to face the challenge, then come and mess with words. If you’re a Nook users, then we recommend you bring this movie to your Nook platform today. Get this game by navigating to the Google Play Store. If you’re fond of words related games, then this game is an ideal option for you.

Angry Birds Space

As we all know the angry birds, there are short-tempered are excited to hit those green pigs. This game is a physic-based puzzle. If you’re fond of Angry Birds series, then you don’t want to miss this one, and if you are Nook users, you can easily get this game by stepping ahead to the Google Play Store.

Where’s my water?

Where’s my water is a puzzle game and here you have to face the challenge on different levels. You have to help an alligator who is looking for the water, so, be a plumber…. we mean, be a gamer and assist the alligator out by knocking down the obstacles. The game is also available for Nook users. If your brain wants to face challenges, then this game is a good option.

Plants Vs. Zombies

If you’re zombie game lover then what about ‘Plants Vs. Zombies’? In this game, you have to use weapons to avoid zombies, they all are going to destroy your home. Are you ready for the fight? If yes then bring this game to your Nook platform today. For more information and updates, you can stay tuned to www Nook com.


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