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How To Solve “Invalid Item” Error For Kindle For Android App?

Kindle Error

Kindle is a device which was launched for the lovers of reading. It was a new device and needed a lot of push as per Amazon, however, it was not the case when it came to the market. Kindle Help backup provided by Amazon is one of the best in business. Since the device and backup service is top notch, it was widely accepted in the market. Kindle further penetrated the market by launching kindle fire and Kindle app. Here we will discuss some issues which kindle app has with Android devices.

Kindle app for android:

Kindle For Android

It was speculated that Kindle app for Android might be around the corner. There are a lot of reasons behind that. For starters, kindle fire runs on fire OS which is based on Android. Kindle fire devices too have reading functionality for kindle app. Hence, the same app can be launched on android too. Both of these devices have the same backend. In fact, there are a lot of users who install google play services in their Kindle devices via Manage Your Kindle settings and have been using it as an android device.

Kindle app has the same functionality as an e-ink reader. For starters, we can search for books and download them. After downloading books, we can read them on your device. Books can be paid and free too. Users can also set light to be in a reading mode for eyes which can be done using Manage My Kindle. Therefore, users can make a good use of their Android device for reading using kindle app. However, for that, the app is needed. Users have complained that there are some issues, which are there with the app. The app is showing an error of invalid item to the users.

How to solve the invalid item issue?

Users have complained that once they install the app on their new device, they get the invalid item error on their device for older books. Once they install the app and go to Manage My Kindle Account, they find the error. The error is related to issues for previous purchases of books. The books which are purchased by users on previous devices are not opening on the newer Android devices. This issue is a serious problem as the books from previous devices are also paid for. To solve the issue, users have done what they have already been taught by the support.

These devices are used by Amazon Kindle Login account. The users tried doing a cache cleaning for the app as well as installing the app. They also tried logging it back in again but no benefits were seen. At the end, users reported that they were advised to buy a new device or download the app on any other device. However, an Android device is not as cheap as buying a Kindle device to use. The issue is not with kindle app but with google service have been pushing the app to not work.

As users reported, the problem is because Google services are the issue. Google wants Android users to switch to google books. To solve it, users need to hard reset their device. It can be done via respective settings. Once it has been done, open kindle app and set it to no updates. After that, users can use the Kindle app and it would not show any error. However, the lack of updates would deprive users of newest features but old apps would work smoothly. If there is any other kind of issue, users can contact amazon kindle support for any kind of solution.

What Is The Process Of Transfer PDF Files To Kindle E-Reader?

Kindle PDF

A number of times, you would feel the necessity of accessing PDF files on Amazon Kindle. But, is it possible to transfer PDF files from your computer or tablet or smartphone to kindle? If yes, then that will be great news. If you are not able to transfer PDF files, then you can take Kindle help from an expert.

Kindle file

A vast number of Kindle users don’t know the process of transferring PDF files on their Kindle devices. They don’t even know whether it is possible to transfer PDF files or not. Well, first of all, it is possible to transfer PDF files to Kindle devices. You can email PDF files to the Kindle. E-books present online are mainly in PDF format and these are to be required by the users on their Kindle device.

In this blog post, we will discuss that how you can email PDF files to the Kindle for comfortable and hassle-free reading. You can simply do Amazon Kindle login and read from PDF files without any issue. No doubt, Kindle supports PDF format not directly but with the help of personal documents service that is offered by Kindle. So this is quick help for those who want to get PDF files on their Kindle device. Try the steps that are mentioned below.

There is a program or software called Win2PDF, which provides a tool to pile up the documents onto Kindle device by mailing directly to the Kindle. There is no requirement of any other medium. This software is getting popular these days as it is simpler and easiest way to access the PDF files through Kindle. You need special permission from Amazon for availing this service. The steps to enable the email address are discussed below. You can go to ‘Manage my Kindle account’ option in case there is any issue.

  1. Step to Personal document settings from the Kindle device.
  2. Check out for the advanced option where ‘approved personal file Email list’ is written. Click on it.
  3. Add an email address in the relevant box.
  4. Move to ‘send-to-Kindle email setting’. Search for the address that you have entered earlier. This email address work as a platform for sending PDF files.
  5. There is need to configure the personal settings at Amazon as well. You will able to receive the PDF files only after enabling the settings on Amazon. The email address should be correctly entered in the recipient column, lest you will not receive the email.

There is one more thing that I want to bring to your kind notice that Amazon charging certain fees for it. You must accept the conditions first. These are different for different models.

  1. If the Kindle is without 3G data option then the only way to receive the email is through Wi-Fi network. You have to connect to the Wi-Fi network for receiving the PDF files.
  2. If the Kindle is with both 3G and Wi-Fi network then you can receive on any network and anytime. But if you are connected to the Wi-Fi then you must specify ‘free’ in the email address in order to avoid any additional fees. Under this case, you will not receive files through the 3G

If there is still an issue in sending the email then you go check your ‘manage my Kindle’ option. All the issues will be fixed by the supporter accurately. The company service providers are pleased to help you anytime. They have a good sense of respect for their users.

You will able to get PDF files on the Kindle by email through above-mentioned steps. In case of urgency or any technical problem, you can easily manage your Kindle by taking help of an expert. This support is mainly dedicated for Kindle basic model users. Most of the Kindle users purchase basic model for reading as there is no difference between two models in terms of features. The only difference lies in the shape, storage and a screen resolution of the display. Bookworms always prefer to buy the higher end models like Kindle oasis and Paperwhite.

Want To Use Kindle Fire As A Storage Device On Your PC? Here Is How You Can Do It

Kindle Feature Image

Kindle Fire can be used as a storage device. If you want to know how that is possible, then you need to keep reading the blog post. Just like how you would use a smartphone as a mass storage device, you can use Kindle in the same way, but there are certain steps that you need to perform. What those steps are and what the exact pattern of those steps are explained in the blog post below.

Kindle Unique feature

In case you are using a Windows PC, then Windows will install the right USB driver automatically. But, there is one important thing that you need to keep in mind, i.e., Kindle Fire doesn’t offer USB driver for ADB usage. So, you will have to install the ADB USB Driver for Kindle Fire yourself. Without it, you will not be able to connect your Kindle Fire to PC.

Now, the question comes that how are you going to install ADB USB driver? Well, there is no need to worry if you are not being able to find the steps to install ADB USB driver because I have mentioned it to you. Moreover, you can take Kindle help just in case you think something is not right.

Before we move onto the steps, there is one important thing that you need to get and that is Android SDK Dev Environment. Moreover, make sure that your Amazon Kindle update is done because this process is going to work on an updated version of the Kindle. You need to setup it in order to ensure that ADB USB Driver is installed smoothly.

Also, you need to install Google USB Driver. Now, I am assuming that you know how to install Android SDK Dev Environment and then, set it up properly. If you don’t, then you can easily know the process on the web, as it is not that difficult. To make sure that everything that is right, please log onto www Kindle com support.

Now, let us begin with the steps.

  1. The first thing you need to do is attach USB cable to your Kindle device to connect it to You should check the settings that are done in ‘Manage Kindle devices’ option.
  2. Go to ‘Devices & Printers’ option and open ‘Kindle’ option.
  3. Click on hardware tab, followed by choosing Kindle with a yellow exclamation sign. After that, click ‘properties
  4. Now, you have to go to ‘details’ tab where you will have to select hardware IDs.
  5. This is the USB hardware ID of your Kindle Fire, which will be brought into use later on.
  6. Don’t close property window.
  7. Now, go to my computer and go to the location where USB driver folder is present.
  8. Once you reach there, you have to open android-winusb.inf by choosing notepad option when asked ‘select a program to open this file’.
  9. You have to open the below-mentioned three lines in the Notepad file. These are:
    1. ;Kindle Fire
    2. %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006
  • %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_1949&PID_0006&MI_01
  1. Save the notepad file and again go to C drive, followed by users, the name of the PC and finally, .android folder.
  2. You will see a file named adb_usb.ini, so open it with Notepad.
  3. Kindly key in 0x1949, but make sure you type this and not copy and paste.
  4. Save the changes and go back to property window of Kindle Fire.
  5. Visit General tab and choose ‘update driver’.
  6. You will have to install the driver manually from your PC. The driver is located in program files > Android and then other folders. The final thing that you will have to open is ‘USB_driver’ folder.

Install the driver and complete the process.

You can also perform Amazon Kindle login just to make sure that there isn’t anything important left on the device that could get deleted after this process. This you can know by going to the option named ‘Manage my Kindle account’. Usually, there isn’t anything left in the account, but just to confirm, you must check your account.

What Unique Features Are Incorporated Into Kindle Device For Frequent Flyers?

Kindle Feature Image

If you are traveling abroad and want to send and receive free messages on your Kindle, then you can easily do that with Google Voice. If there is any problem, then you have to take Kindle support.

Kindle Unique feature

Many people travel from one country to another for business and leisure purposes. Along with them travel their electronic devices as well, which automatically detects which place they are being taken to. The convenience that electronic devices have provided can’t be explained in words, but there is an extra cost that users have to pay for that convenience. If you are sitting abroad and want to call at home, then you can easily do it with the help of your smartphone, but there are roaming charges that you’ll have to pay because you are not at home.

You can consider it as convenience charges as well. But, if you have a Kindle 3G with you, then you can do a lot more than just reading. This device enables you to lug around hundreds of books and papers. Kindle help save your money by allowing you to send and receive free messages. Moreover, you can keep in touch with your family. If you have Kindle 3G with Wi-Fi, then you can get unlimited 3G, no matter where you go.

Though there are a few countries where you won’t be able to get free 3G, still, there are hundreds of them where you can. You can access your Kindle in those countries without an issue. If you want to add or remove any title from your Kindle device, then you will have to open your Kindle account and tap on ‘Manage My Kindle’ option. Doing this will allow you to manage all your stuff that is present on Kindle device.

With the help of Kindle 3G, you can setup your smartphone to forward to Google Voice and check the same via your Kindle internet browser. If you don’t know what Google Voice is, then it is a platform that allows you to get the text transcripts of any voicemail that has been sent to you. You also have the option to receive texts on your Google Voice number and reply them from the same.

With such amazing features, it is possible to keep track of all the calls and texts without paying any hefty fees. The feature is not just available in Kindle 3G, but you can get it on Kindle Fire as well. Moreover, you can easily manage your Kindle device in Kindle Fire, as things work in a lot easier way in the Fire models.

Another great benefit of having a Kindle device is that it allows you to load PDF files. You can buy the files by visiting Amazon Kindle login page or load PDF versions.

Amazon Kindle offers a wide range of things to the users, but it is our confined approach that we are not able to determine the most amazing features that are present in the device. So, to check all the great features, just go to ‘Manage my Kindle account’ option and see what this device has got for you.

Amazon is trying its best to make things easier for the people who are using Kindle devices. This feature is a part of those convenience measures that the company has the knack of taking. Check out this frequent flyers feature and make sure to add it while traveling abroad.

Have You Checked Out Nook Waterproof Model Glow Light Plus eReader?


It’s been so long since Barnes and Noble have been in the E-reader market. After knowing about the present taste and market conditions of the E-reader, the company is going to provide Nook support to the Samsung tablets. Now, it will provide interfacing to the Samsung tablets rather than developing the hardware by own. This cuts the cost to the company. They have provided access to the Google play store for Samsung tablet users.

water proof nook

You might have heard about the Nook Glow light E-reader model that is been in the market for the last two years. The company has not even updated its firmware yet since its release. There is good news for nook lovers that the company has launched the new Glow light plus model that is totally changed and upgraded according to the latest technology. The price with which you can purchase this device is fixed at $130. You can purchase it from the store or from the www Nook com website.

The new e-reader is designed by the company itself. It incorporates E-ink technology for brighter screen display and 300 DPI resolution for higher contrast images and contents. This device is launched in competition with Amazon Kindle Paperwhite model. The features are slightly different than this model in the new nook model. Nook help for comparison of both is available on the internet.

The New Nook model has the capacitive touch for better touch sensitivity. It is replaced with the infrared screen touch that was found in earlier models. The device screen responds quickly to the touch. You will find this type of screen in higher models of the Kindle. The unique selling point is the waterproof screen that is not available in any of the Kindle models.

The outer body is made of aluminum that is the replacement of plastic.It looks glossy and matte finish. You can take the help from the official website if you are not confirmed with the outer body color of the new nook. The weight of the new Nook thus increased due to change in the material. You will feel pride in holding it in hands. But one thing to discuss here is that you cannot hold it in hands without a case for longer time period.

The outer case is a must for comfortable reading otherwise you will feel tired or paralyzed from one hand after holding it for quite long time. The slippery finish of the body makes it uneasy to hold. The weight of the device rarely increases with the cover. So it would be better to use it with the outer cover or you need to hold it from the edges with the help of your thumb. You can take Nook com support if you are facing problem in finding the suitable cover for your device. The dimensions are properly mentioned there on the link.

There is nonexistence of physical buttons on the body of new nook model. You will find only the power button on the Nook device. This is considered unnecessary change by some users but some go in favor of it.

There is no mechanical button present on the home screen of nook glow light plus model. You will find ‘N’ shaped touch sensitive button available just behind the screen placed in the center. The brightness of the screen is now adjusted from the flag available on the top of the screen. You need to pull it down, then you can change it easily. You will also have to create an account on Nook, which you can by logging onto www Nook com account link.

The main thing about this device that we have discussed in the above paragraph also that this device is totally waterproof. There is no risk of physical as well as electronic damage to the system if it is submerged in the water. It keeps on working as it is earlier. Yes, if something goes wrong with you then call at Nook customer service number. Executives are always available on the helpline numbers.

Kindle Fire 7 Can’t Connect To Wireless Network? Know The Troubleshooting Steps

Kindle Wireless

Have you recently purchased Kindle fire 7 for you and getting the problem in connecting to Wi-Fi connection? If yes, then we are going to help you out with this problem. There is no need to worry as we are going to discuss the troubleshooting steps with you. You must read those steps, or else go to Kindle help and support link for additional help.


Well, there are few thing which can fix and cause this problem. We are going to discuss them step wise. If you find any problem in any step, then you can go to Amazon Kindle login link.

  1. The very first and the easiest tip to solve this problem is by restarting the network devices like modem and router. If all the other devices connected to the router are working properly, then your Fire tablet can be faulty. If your Wi-Fi connection is functioning properly, yet unable to access the internet or Kindle, then you need to go to ‘Manage my Kindle account’ to check whether there is any change in the settings.
  2. After restarting the network devices, you need to restart your Amazon Kindle E-reader. Now restart the Router first followed by Kindle.
  3. If required, then forget the network connection from the Kindle and re-add the Wi-Fi connection to the Kindle. Here you need to enter the password and SSID of your network. If this is auto enabled, then you don’t need to add the SSID manually.
  4. Check the Wi-Fi sleep settings on your Kindle. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi network becomes inactive if left idle for certain period of time. If you don’t know the settings related to the Wi-Fi connection on your Kindle, then you can go to ‘Manage Your Kindle’ option on your Kindle account.
  5. Go to the home screen of your Kindle and open the ‘settings’ from the menu.
  6. Open the ‘Application’ menu and click on ‘Wi-Fi’ settings.
  7. Go to ‘Advanced’ settings from the Wi-Fi menu.
  8. Now here search for ‘Sleep policy’ of your Wi-Fi connection. You will find different options here. Select the one which suits your need.

The following options will appear on the screen:

  • Sleep when the screen turns off. In this mode, your Wi-Fi will be disabled as soon as your Kindle screen turns off.
  • ‘Never when plugged’ in. In this mode, then the Wi-Fi connection will be disabled when you plugged your Kindle into the power socket.
  • You need to click on ‘Never disconnect Wi-Fi’ for all the above-mentioned If you still find the same problem, then go to ‘Manage My Kindle’ option on your Kindle account. The technical experts will guide you in the best way.
  1. Last but not the least step is to check the recent apps if installed any in your Kindle. This may create a problem with the network connection. Your Kindle device will get disconnected from the network. It is recommended not to download or install any app on your device when you are using your device for a specific

One of the above-mentioned fixes will definitely solve your connection problem. If you are still having any problem, then check the network strength of your internet. If there is any problem, then call your internet service provider. If the network is OK, then there is some problem with your kindle fire 7. You need to get it repaired or replaced from the authorized store. To get the list of stores, refer to official Kindle website.

You can also troubleshoot the connection problem by getting in touch with Amazon Kindle official link. Here you will find a complete troubleshooting guide for your device. You just need to enter the model number and a serial number of your kindle fire tablet. You will get complete details related to the device on the screen.

How To Solve Kindle Error “Account Registered To Different Device”?


Kindle is a great device when it comes to the love of reading. Not only does it have unlimited upside but also it has a lot of apps and support. Amazon refreshed its line of e-ink readers with Amazon Kindle Update and brought Kindle fire devices. Kindle e-ink readers are sold alongside Kindle fire devices too. Hence it is fair to assume that it is a great device for everyone. Here we will discuss Kindle error where there is an account registration issue as stated.

Why the error occurs?

A single Amazon account can be used in a number of devices for a variety of purposes. Fire TV can be operated using an Amazon account. Amazon prime for video viewing is also accessible using same Amazon account. However, as Kindle Help clarifies, a single Kindle can be operated with a single Amazon account. An account cannot be used with multiple devices. Hence, when a Kindle is purchased, a single account is registered with it and cannot be used with any other Kindle device till it is registered in this device. There are a lot of upsides to this.

A registered account lets the user share a variety of content to his Kindle. Be it books or magazines or RSS feed, it takes into account all kinds of stuff which can be read on a Kindle. Thus, if users are on the internet, they can simply click on share to Kindle button where it is supported. Then they have to enter the email account which is registered with that Kindle and the book will be automatically shared to that device in e pub format. However, the registration issue can be solved by using Manage My Kindle Account option in the menu.

How to solve the registration issue?

It occurs when an account is already registered to some device. It can be solved in a number of ways. For starters, it can be solved by checking via PC if an account is registered to any device now or not. We can also try to deregister an account from a device if it is required. It can also be done by following a set of procedures as mentioned below. It can be done in only those cases when we know which device it is registered to. More can be read about it from Www Kindle Com Support.

Deregistering an account from a device can also be done via the device too. It is also discussed further. It should be noted that there are some instances where deregistration can take up to 4 hours. After deregistration, users can log in to another device via Amazon Kindle Login. Once deregistered, all the Amazon based data will be wiped from the Kindle device and it will only contain user data. It is true for all the Kindle devices such as Amazon Kindle e-ink devices as well as kindle fire.

To deregister from a device, log in from the computer, then go to Manage Kindle Devices and select which device and account you want to deregister. Once done, enter the password and deregister the device and account in one go. Deregistering can also be done using the device itself. Just connect it to the internet, then open menu and settings and go to deregister the account. It will wipe the Amazon data which can be books and everything. Now the same account can be used to login and register another device but the old data will be synced to it automatically via whisper sync. The speed of connectivity depends upon the internet bandwidth.

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