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Best Kindle To Buy From Complete Range Of E-Readers In 2018

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Amazon Kindle is considered as the best E-reader and value for money product. There are different kindle models available in the market. All these differentiate from each other in terms of features and functions. If you are planning to buy Kindle in 2018, then here’s a guide for you which will help you in deciding which E-reader to buy.

Today, we are going to discuss 4 models of kindle in this post. These models are available for purchase on Amazon store. Before starting further, we want to first list out the things which are common in all models. These are:

  • Complete access to Bookstore.
  • Wi-Fi connection.
  • Sharing facility of books and notes.
  • 6 inches touchscreen e-ink display.

Apart from above-mentioned features, you will get audiobook on Kindle Support and oasis model.

  1. Amazon Kindle 8th generation: This model was launched in 2016 and is performing best in the market till yet. This model is called ‘Kindle’ simply. It performs all those functions which other kindle models perform. Amazon is offering 2 different prices for the same model. If you go with special offers and screensaver one, then you will be charged £10 more than the normal You will start receiving ads during the sleep mode or locked screen. When you read books, the ad will not disrupt you.
  2. Amazon kindle paperwhite: This is the best device for all those who love to enjoy backlit at an economical This is another product from Amazon which includes 3G support and backlight option. If you want both these features at the cheapest rate, then this device is best. Like the previous model, if you want ad-free content, then you will have to pay some extra pounds. The screen resolution of this model is higher than the former one. This is due to backlight present on the screen. This model is available only in white color.
  3. Amazon Kindle voyage: This Kindle model is best for those people who want backlight but don’t want to spend above £200. The Kindle voyage model is similar to Paperwhite almost but with slight differences in display size, pixel density and backlit. The main difference between the two is its thickness and weight. The light sensor available in the Kindle voyage model adjusts light according to the light source available. There is page press sensor with the help of which you can turn the pages automatically without touching the screen.
  4. Amazon Kindle oasis 2017: This is one of the latest and premium models of Amazon ever made by the company. The basic functions are almost same as that of its previous versions. The premium functions which you will get in this model is Metallic design and one-handed use. Which means it is easy to handle and carry with one hand. This is a waterproof model, which can work even in water. The thickness at one of its end is 3.4mm. You will find page turn button on the side of the device which makes it easy to change page while sitting on a sofa.

In this model, you won’t find Light sensor as seen in Kindle Voyage. So, this is somewhat considered as a drawback of product. Yes, if you want right or left-hand orientation of the screen, then this is possible in Kindle oasis 2017.

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