eBook Which You Transferred On NookNook tablet is the tablet and e-reader in one device which is manufactured by Barnes & Noble. Nook library offers good content and lets you read many good books. As it is an electronic device so it might undergo some technical glitch but fortunately Nook support is given by the Nook experts for all the Nook devices such as if your Nook is not charging properly or screen become unresponsive etc. You can easily transfer eBooks on your Nook from another device by certain steps. For instance, you getting “User Not Activated” or “Loan token not found” error on your Nook device while trying to read an eBook on your Nook. This type of error is mainly due to the Nook’s authorization and to combat this issue you need to reset the Adobe credentials on your Nook.

What do you require?

  • Nook tablet
  • USB cable
  • Abode ID or an overdrive account
  • Adobe editions installed on your windows or your Mac computer

Windows users need to follow these steps.

Windows user

  • Ensure that your computer is properly authorized.
  • Make sure you have installed the latest version of Adobe Editions.
  • Now in ADE, go to Help and then to Authorization information. If this option is grayed or inactive then authorize your computer before going further.
  • The authorization will pop up displaying t credentials you’re currently using for your computer.
  • Now close ADE and wait for few minutes.
  • Now reset the ADE folder on the Nook.
    • After this connect your Nook to your computer
    • Head to the Windows Explorer or File explorer and double-click on Nook under “[My] Computer” (or “This PC”).
  • Now open the ADE again and transfer your eBook again.
  • After transferring your book disconnect your Nook and after this you will be able to read the eBook on your Nook.
  • Note: These instructions are for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) 2.0 or newer. We recommend always using the latest version of ADE.

Steps for a Mac computer

Mac Users

  • Just like on Windows computer see that your Mac computer is properly authorized. Go to the ADE and then go to the option Help and then authorization information. If this option is inactive then you need to authorize your computer before proceeding further. Now authorization will open and tell you what credentials you are currently using on your system.
  • Now close ADE and now wait for sometimes.
  • Just reset the ADE folder on your Nook device.
    • Connect you Nook to your Mac
    • With the help of finder open your Nook
    • Now press command + Shift + G.
    • Now move to the “Go to Folder” window, type: /nook/.adobe-digital-editions. Just make sure that you replace “nook” wit name of your Nook device which you can find on the desktop once you plug it in.
  • Now move the contents of the “.adobe-digital-editions” folder to the trash.
  • After this, you can open ADE and can again try transferring the eBook for the second time.
  • Once you complete transferring the eBook disconnect your Nook and this will help you in reading eBook on your device.

The process discussed above is simple but if you require any Nook help you can give a call at Nook customer service number.