I used to be a regular kindle user and I loved to read EBooks on my kindle device. It was a wonderful experience for me. All of a sudden, my kindle device got misplaced. I tried to find it all around but didn’t find it. I was a little bit upset after this. I had registered my kindle on Amazon register link and tried to trace it out from there but all in vain.

As an alternate, I downloaded Kindle app on my iPhone from the official app store and started accessing the books through it. Now, I had left with only one gadget in my hand and botheration to keep both the devices safe was now curtailed up to some extent.

The Everything storeAfter reading the titles, I tried to buy it from the kindle store in my iPhone kindle app. I opened one of the titles named ‘The Everything Store’ on my iPhone. The cover page displayed by the app was so attractive that it strongly encouraged me to buy this title. I started reading the index pages. After a while, the free part was finished and I was prompted to buy the full version to continue reading.

Amazon Kindle AppI then decided to purchase the book through the app and I start searching the buy option on the screen. I searched it for around 10-15 mins and found some mess over it. There was no buy option available on the link. I then tried to troubleshoot this problem by performing kindle update function on my kindle app, but I didn’t get success. I was surprised on amazon that how could this be possible on this user-friendly interface, where every stuff is available for users. It was a totally unproductive experience for me with amazon. I could have been able to add the title to ‘my wish’ list category.

After best possible tries, I came to a conclusion that the problem is with the kindle app only that stops me from purchasing a particular book from kindle book store. You will be embarrassed to know that this problem was due to the apple harsh policies itself. The greedy apple company was demanding commission from the amazon company for every purchase through kindle app. The same issue was also discussed on the official kindle www kindle com support site as well. Some people reported that this issue is due to the commitments and policies made by apple with the amazon company.

I, then removed Amazon app from my phone, which I used for ordering stuff like long shoes, snickers, table, and speakers.

After having a strong feeling of anger, I posted my problem on the twitter account and started receiving feedbacks from iPhone users. All have replied with the same answer that this due to the greediness of a company. Customers said that Apple Company is demanding 30% share from the sale of every amazon stuff, which is not at all accepted by the amazon. I want to mention here that apple has its own store for EBooks from where you can purchase a book without any hassle but this platform doesn’t contain as many titles as covered by amazon. This problem of purchasing frustrated some users and they have even made up a mind to replace their iPhone with other company mobiles. Some have submitted their query on kindle help link to get the possible solution from Amazon kindle support team.

I was amazed at Apple Company, which claims to provide extraordinary service and faster solutions to its customers is simply frustrating the users with this absurd issue. This has changed my inclination towards the well-renowned company. I come to a conclusion that apple wants to get richer and richer without prioritizing its customer needs and demands.

Apart from this issue, I would like to mention that Kindle paperwhite update is available on the official kindle link. If you are using kindle paperwhite model, then you can download the latest update from the kindle link.