Your Nook tablet not only lets you read e-books but also let you enjoy with various applications. Nook tablet comes loaded with many wonderful and interesting applications. Read the article and let’s check out these apps to entertain you.

Nook tablet runs on the Android operating system. This is very good thing also because Android which has been developed by Google has been adopted by the wide range of smartphones and tablets. Because of its popularity, many people have made a lot of applications that can run on these platforms. But, officially the only source to add on the programs to Nook tablet is through the Nook App Store. You can know more about this from Nook Support.

The Nook tablet comes with some preloaded applications. You need to press the down U button for displaying the quick navigation bar and then click on the option of Apps. Here is the list of some apps that come with the first release of Nook Tablet or you can also take Nook Com Support:



This is the well-designed version of the wonderful classic game that lets you play this game against the computer at easy, hard and medium levels. You can also apply a clock and select colors for the game.


It is a manager for names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Once you add a contact, then you can use it for the social networking apps as well as for Email apps.



This has a lot of fun for logophiles. The clue appears whenever you choose nay column or a row. Your Nook tablet also has a font that looks lie the handwriting. The games are challenging but not up to the level of The New York Times.

Music Player

With this application program, you can play the files that you have downloaded or side loaded on your Nook tablet. The help of Nook Customer Service can be taken in case of any query.

My Media

This is also referred to as gallery in some references on the tablet and in the instruction manual as well. This is all purpose picture collector and video player and it works with the files that have downloaded and sideloaded in your Nook tablet. You can also take Nook Help in case of any difficulty or you want any information or have any query.

Nook Friends

This is the application program by Barnes & Noble. This is the version of a social network combined with a lending library. You can easily communicate with those who have befriended, sharing recommendations, and comments, and lending books that are subjected to certain restrictions.



This is a wonderful Japanese number puzzle game. Some are addictive to this number puzzle game. If this is the thing that you were looking for in the applications of your Nook tablet, then this is the fine example of how much you can enjoy on your Nook tablet. You can log on to www Nook Com Account in the case of any query.

The nook tablet also comes the three personalized link to streaming video and music services. These services are Pandora, Netflix, and Hulu Plus.