As we know PDF format has been supported by the Kindle e-readers and apps but they don’t have PDF reflow built-in like some e-readers and apps. However, there is a simple way to transform PDF’s to Kindle format, which importantly does the similar thing as reflow. If you are thinking what PDF reflow is, it basically converts pages to text that automatically manages to fit the page, much like an e-book. This makes it so you can expand and reduce the font size of font and other e-book linked aspects that aren’t available for PDFs.

Some e-readers have PDF reflow built-in to the software, such as Nook and many Android-based e-readers.

The software will display the PDF generally but if you do the selection of increasing font size it will reflow the document.

Reflow works well for text-based documents, but it commonly does not work well for PDFs with lots of pictures, graphs, various columns, and advanced formatting, and it certainly is not going to work for scanned PDFs.

But reflow can works wonders for manuals and research articles that are typically text. Reflow sometimes works well good with PDFs that have lots of embedded images too, but sometimes the formatting gets a little odd the way text shawls around pictures.

How to Use Kindle PDF Reflow?

Kindle PDF Reflow

Amazon can transform your PDFs to Kindle format with no extra cost (if they are shipped over Wi-Fi) and that does the similar kind of thing as reflow. In fact, the last time we checked conversion of Amazon did a much good job reflowing PDFs than PDF of Adobe reflow on devices such as Nook.

There are different paths to having Amazon convert PDFs to Kindle (AZW).

  • You can transfer PDFs to your Kindle simply making the attachment of them to an email and transferring or sending them to your email address of Kindle. You just have to put ‘Covert’ in the subject line or it will transfer the PDF as is. You can find your unique email address of your Kindle in the settings menu and from the Manage Your Device section at Amazon.

See Send to Kindle eMail of Amazon help page for more useful information or you can simply get in touch with professionals and experts.

  • The alternative option is to use Send to Kindle app of Amazon from your personal computer. With that installed all you have to do is make a right click on any PDF on your computer and do the selection of Send to Kindle.

By default, the Send to Kindle app will transfer PDFs without converting or transforming them. You need to open settings and make a click on the box to have PDFs converted, as displayed in the screenshots above. For more useful information and technical support, you can contact professionals.