Kindle has been there in the market since quite a long time and people who have used Kindle know how amazing this device is for the people who love reading. The First model was launched way back in 2007, and since then the Kindle device has undergone great improvements like they have refined the design, improved the display and added things like touchscreen capabilities, increased battery life and reduced its weight.

Further, this process resulted in making Amazon’s Kindle brand synonymous with the e-reader. Amazon conquered the digital books market with its Kindle.

Later, when Amazon introduced its Kindle Paperwhite and it came up with enough storage for keeping all of your book collection rather than stacking a book over one another on the shelf. And when I bought it then I came to know how convenient it is to keep your books at one place and read them whenever you like and Kindle support service is also at par and come handy whenever you need it.

So, let’s review Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteIt is lightweight but it is perfect for one-hand use. The important aspect of Kindle Paperwhite is its light weight which makes it really portable.

It just weighs 209g and its back panel is made up of soft-touch material. Amazon has kept bezel wide enough so that you don’t accidently touch the display while reading. It does not feature headphone jack or internal speaker meaning you cannot play audiobooks or any music. However, kindle older models feature headphone jacks and speakers. If you looking for audiobooks and music then go for Kindle Fire HDX or Fire phone.


Amazon’s Kindle store provides about 2.5 million books and there’s a lot for everyone. I can recall one instance when I was not able to find the novel I was looking for on Kindle Store. Moreover, Kindle Store has most of the popular titles, plenty of older and thousands of free ebooks which you can choose from. Apart from this, kindle also have Kindle Unlimited which is more like Spotify for Kindle titles and Amazon prime Membership which grantees you access to Kindle Lending library where you can borrow eBooks for a fixed term and further to know it better you can ask for Kindle help.


paperwhite display

Paperwhite offers real reading experience with it’s 6- inch e-ink display and with its backlight, you can also read it at night which makes it perfect if you want to take it for night camping or read it at bedtime. Amazon calls the display technology behind this is Carta. Amazon has improved contrast as compared to its previous model versions this means text and images appear more defined and clear.


Kindle Paperwhite Battery

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite battery last for weeks rather than hours, mine keep working for about a month. If you are facing any issue related to your Kindle’s battery then get in touch with Kindle customer service for better assistance.


Amazon Kindle has totally transformed the face of digital media and now when we hear ebook, the name that strikes automatically our mind is Kindle. It has maintained its position in the e-readers market due to its features and functionality and the service Kindle e-readers offer. For more information regarding your device, you can navigate to www kindle com support.