Kindle took heart of many avid readers and dragged them to the world of e-reading. Kindle has gained huge popularity since it was launched it ignited the lost passion of the people and became ideal option for the people who loves to read while travelling. This device is not merely a gadget but with perfection it has catered reader’s interest and gives him real book experience. However, if you have any Kindle device and dealing with some kind of issue then head towards Www kindle com support.

This Wednesday Amazon announced that it is going to donate units of Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Kindle e-books worldwide. The primarily objective to this generous move is that Amazon want to increase its horizons by reaching out to the world other than western countries. Kindle is the only gadget that has a grabbed users attention and conquered good position in the market. Kindle support is provided by Amazon to get you out of any technical glitch. Get appropriate assistance from Kindle professionals and experts.

This e-reading program which is initiated by Amazon will lead countries to the development

The vice president of devices and services, Dave Lipm shared his words, “Our vision has always been to make every book in the world available to our customers in less than 60 seconds but with this vision, we recognize that not everyone has access to the books they want or need”.

However, this is not the first time Amazon is donating their devices but earlier it has donated thousands of Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets to libraries and schools as well. The Amazon’s donation program will also cover the hospitals and non-profits like Mary’s Place, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Well Spring Family Services and Rainer Scholars.