Amazon has completely changed the way Americans shop today. Amazon has brought big savings and convenience to the millions of users. At the same time, the company has influenced orthodox retailers by dwindling their businesses to a large extent. People living in the US nowadays prefer to shop from online stores, which also include Amazon.

Amazon after realizing a huge influx of customers has launched Amazon Prime credit card, which has a number of amazing features for the people. Those who are already a Prime member will not have to do any research or spend any time thinking as to what Amazon Prime credit card is. Just do Amazon credit card login to get started. If you are not a regular shopper on Amazon, then it is up to you whether you need this card or not because it won’t make much difference to your shopping.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

The company introduced Prime membership in 2005, and it is a paid-subscription service, which offers members with a free 2nd-day shipping, free music, and video streaming. Not just that, but people also get borrowing of Kindle e-books along with other goodies at a nominal price of $99/year. Apart from these features, there are other features as well such as unlimited space for storing photos, free delivery from restaurants, available 2-hour delivery, free game content from Twitch Prime, discount on the product subscriptions, free reading at and so on. You also need to have Amazon Kindle account in order to experience better functionality.

The company has got more than 60 million members till 2016, which has certainly increased after that. One of the studies that were conducted in the recent times indicated that Amazon register Prime shoppers spend $1,200 on the website, whereas normal users just spend $500.

Amazon Prime Credit Card

Amazon Prime Credit Card

The company has also announced a new card by the name of Prime Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card, which will replace the previous card that was in association with J.P. Morgan Chase.

Features Of Amazon Prime Credit Card


You are going to get five percent cashback on every single purchase that you make on the website. $1 has a value of 100 points. You will also get two percent in the pharmacy stores, restaurants and gas stations. For all other purchases, you are going to get one percent. The points can be redeemed for travel offers and gift cards. But, make sure that you have done Amazon Kindle login prior to this.

Shop with points

The company allows you to use the points on the website. Just accumulate the points and shop for your favorite products.

Foreign Travel

There is no fee that will be charged from you on the transactions that you make outside of your home country on Amazon. Do the same if you have done Kindle sign in because the company is offering great features on Kindle as well.

Travel Accident Insurance

If you are traveling via bus, train, ship or airplane, the ticket of which you have paid via your Amazon Prime Card, then you are going to receive up to $500,000 in the case of an accidental death or dismemberment coverage.

Luggage Insurance

If you or anybody in your immediate family loses his/her luggage that has been checked by the carrier, then you or that family member is eligible for a reimbursement of $3,000. If the luggage is delayed for more than 6 hours, then you will also get a coverage of $100 per day for up to three days.


Amazon is always available to assist you in the case of any issue. Just go to Kindle email and write down your issue.

Zero fraud liability

You will not be held responsible for any unauthorized purchases. You can also enable ‘Manage my Kindle account’ for enhanced security.

There are other features as well such as Collision damage waiver, Purchase protection, extended warranty protection, concierge service and luxury hotel perks.

There isn’t any annual fee for Prime members. There are only advantages of having the Prime membership and Amazon Prime credit card. So, you must get it in order to shop more conveniently on Amazon website.