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Amazon Included Alexa Support In Kindle Fire 7 And Fire HD 8 Tablets

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Amazon has just launched the updated models of Kindle fire 7 and 8 tablets. In these models, you will find a difference in display, design, and price if you compare with previous models. The Amazon has slashed the prices by $10 for both the tablets.

You will find these Kindle models in three new colors. Apart from this, kindle has also launched a Kids edition in kindle fire 7 and 8 model.

Though its rival company Apple is also planning to launch a newly updated iPad keeping in mind the increasing sales trend of tablets but has not launched yet. Whereas Amazon has bought the product and it seems committed to the public. We all know that Amazon has a number of aspects of its business like online retail, books, and electronic devices so, they have come up with the lowest price in order to bring additional sales to the Kindle E-readers. You can purchase Kindle Books, Prime subscriptions, and anything from the kindle website after purchasing kindle from the platform itself.

Let’s discuss what kindle is going to launch in the new Kindle Fire 7 and 8 series tablet. Amazon has recently launched the two new most popular models of Kindle on the market. The fire 7 and Fire HD 8. The very first thing that you will notice in these models is the availability of 3 new colors. You have the option to purchase the new Kindle in three new colors yellow, red and blue. These colors are bright and were not available in the previous generation. Another amazing thing added in both the models is ‘Support for Alexa’. You can control these devices with your voice.

The price of Kindle Fire 7 model is only $30. The company is offering a meager of features in this low priced model. According to Amazon officials, this Kindle has improved display with more contrast and longer battery backup. It is lighter in weight and thinner in size. For Wi-Fi connectivity, there are available 2 bands for proper signal strength.

If we talk of about Kindle fire HD 8 models, as the name implies it supports full HD playback at 1200×800 resolution with twice memory and RAM of that of the previous generation. The exact features can only be accessed after purchasing it. You can get this model for $79 with 16GB storage.

Unlike Apple, Amazon has also introduced special versions of tablets which are specifically meant for children. This version has also generated a good revenue for the company. The kids Edition kindle models are available both in Kindle 7 and 8 series. You can get 16 GB and 32GB storage based on your requirement. You will get free access to Freetime unlimited for a period of one year after purchase. Yes, if we compare its price with the normal Kindle, then it is bit costlier than that. You will get this kids edition model for $129.

If you want, you can pre-order your Kindle fire now. You will be able to get this after the release date. We hope you will be able to find out the best Kindle for yourself after reading this guide. In case you have any doubt or problem, you can contact Kindle support or visit kindle website.

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