When any new product is launched in the market, then its early users are the main persons, who face the manufacturing defects in the new device. A similar case is with the new kindle fire HDX model, which we are going to discuss today in this blog post. The information which we are going to provide you today is not even available on www kindle com support help link so you must read the blog carefully, especially if you are an owner of new Kindle fire HDX model.

When 7 inches’ kindle fire HDX model has launched in the market, some users have immediately submitted their complaint on Kindle com support link, in which they have complained that their unit is displaying an odd blue color light around the edges of the screen. Some have complained that they have noticed blue light around the screen when they tried to read the books on it. Amazon in its first reply on Kindle support link assured kindle customers that they will exchange their kindle fire HDX tablet without any additional cost because this is a defect in your product from our side. But, later, the online retailer company has changed its commitment by saying that this is a new feature added in this fire HDX model and it is how it was supposed to look like. Though no such information about this model has been uploaded to Amazon Kindle support link but according to latest reports from the company, this feature is newly added in the fire HDX models.

If you read contents from your kindle E-reader with a white background, then the blue glow will apparently visible on the screen across all the edges. This phenomenon and looks are like LCD screens. If you have LCD TV at home, then you can easily notice the same blue light glow across the screen. When asked about the preference for blue color only, then in the reply, the company has explained that Blue color is good and is easy for eyes as you will feel warmth after seeing the backlight bleed. This color also consumes low battery due to low density and high contrast ratio.

The Kindle fire HDX model mainly comprises of the following features:

  • Digital storage capacity up to 64 GB.
  • Special exclusive offers on this model from amazon.Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11 and 802.11b standards.
  • 7” display with high-density pixels and color accuracy.
  • Amazon own app store, where more than 10000 apps are available for free.
  • More than 30 million movies and songs.
  • Free video live support with a mayday.
  • 720p front facing the camera.
  • 2 GB RAM with unlimited space over cloud storage.
  • Mail accessing feature from google and outlook.
  • 24×7 Amazon Kindle customer service and support.
  • 2 GHz quad-core snapdragon processor.

We want to mention here that this backlight bleed is not same in all the panels. This is the reason why this has not been observed by every kindle user. Some Kindle users have reported on kindle fire support link that they are getting problem in reading the contents over the kindle E-reader due to the backlight disturbance but Amazon has clearly mentioned in its comments section that there is no need to wait for any new device as company is not going to tweak the development process as of now. Yes, if you are having any other problem related to downloading or charging a kindle, then you can take kindle help from the official technical executives. They will sort out your problem in a best possible way.