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Amazon Audiobook Playback With Audible Is Now Available On Older Kindle Devices

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Audiobook playback is a feature that is not confined to the premium Kindle devices such as Kindle Oasis, but is available for older Kindle e-readers as well. There is a software update that can activate this feature. What old Kindle owners need to do is that they have to install this software update in order to enjoy audiobook playback.

Kindle is about books and only books. With so many books and so many words, it is not possible to read all the content with a pair of eyes and in so little time. This is what has bothered Amazon going forward into the 2018 reading challenge. Amazon, in order to overcome this problem, announced the expansion of audible audiobook playback to a broad range of its Kindle devices.

Those who are using 1st generation Kindle Oasis and the regular Kindle tablet will now be able to access this audiobook service that is provided by Amazon directly into the Kindle e-readers. This includes Audible Storefront, which can be used by connecting Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones because both devices don’t have a headphone jack, so people can’t connect headphones.

This is quite an exciting news, given that Kindle has mentioned about Bluetooth functionality in 2016. By the time 2017 arrived, Amazon has launched Kindle Oasis with Audible support, which was promoted as the unique selling point of the device.

250,000 spoken tales

Amazon has a very vibrant Audible store that comprises of a wide range of digital audiobook content. People can buy from more than 250,000 professional audiobooks. Seeing the popularity of the feature, Amazon has decided that it will continue to invest in this field and will commission new readings of stories that are available on Amazon’s own platform. This is the only reason why Amazon has made changes to the cost of audiobooks because the company wants to make this service accessible to more and more people.

If you have bought Kindle Oasis the time it arrived on the market, then you will feel a bit annoyed because just like you, many have bought Kindle Oasis for its Audiobook. But, when Amazon revealed that older Kindle devices with support the same feature in its next software update, then it was a matter of frustration for many.

But, many Kindle owners believe that this is one of those features that can’t be beaten. One of the most amazing things about this feature that is available in the software update. Besides Kindle Oasis, none of the Kindle devices offered audio support before the arrival of the software update that consisted of this audio support. Amazon has confirmed that each one of those devices was having Bluetooth functionality but those were disabled because there wasn’t any software to support that kind of a hardware. But, with this software update, the ability to provide audio support got activated. Now, people can use this feature without any issue.

If you are not able to access this feature, then you can give a call to Amazon Kindle support. They will help you activate this feature on your Kindle device.

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