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All fine reasons to choose a Nook tablet

choose a Nook tablet

If you are planning to buy an e-reader for your e-reading, then here are the fine reasons for choosing the Nook tablet as your reading source.

How are you doing with your Nook tablet? After a long period, the company comes in the limelight after marking its comeback with the Nook tablet 7. With the higher expectations, the tablet eventually gets stuck with the default charger issue which later on solved, and the tablet got released on both platforms, online and physical. So, if you have still not purchased the latest version, then head straight to the official site of the company or the store.

Apart from the above mentioned new version, there are many different versions of the tablet which have been performing fairly in the market. As part of upgrading the tablet, the most recent upgrade was the update of the Nook tablet android app for all the Android users out there. Still, we can say that the tablet is a fine performer in the market.

Being a reader, if you are looking out for a new e-reading tablet, then here are the fine reasons you should choose the Nook tablet over all other tablets in the market.

1) Cost effectiveness– Being priced at $260, the Nook tablet priced as same as the Kindle 2. Still, at this price, you get much more than the money you spend: An SD slot, native PDF support, Wi-Fi, and the fine second screen makes it different out of the kindle’s lineup.

2) Sharing and Lending- There is an objection with the Kindle and all the other readers that most of the books mostly get received by the friends instead of outer markets. When the Nook tablet realizes the problem, Nook tablet just lends the two-week lending period to cover up plenty of books to read. Also, you can also lend many books to tons of all various devices including iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, Windows mobile or Blackberry.

Even the sharing is also done quite well: quite the opposite to the Kindle, which just lets you read only the purchased books on the same account- iPod touch or account iPhone, the Barnes and Noble let you read on any of the compatible devices of which the important ones are Mac and PC. Plus, the B&N tablet also syncs both the place well in the book and also all the annotations and highlights that you have made and sounds pretty good for all the students.

3) Free In-store reading- By taking your Nook tablet to any of the Barnes and Noble stores, you will get the free access to one eBook every time. Apart from this all the Nook customers will be capable of going into a retail store with anyone and can easily play around with the actual device, a benefit which Kindle and other markets don’t provide.

4) Hard-turning looks- In comparison to the Kindle 1 and Kindle 2, the Nook tablet has got the legitimate style which renders the classic e-reading experience.

5) Battery Life- Talking about the battery life of the tablet, Nook tablet has got the 10-day battery life which doesn’t sound great in comparison to Kindle 2’s 14 days, but still, ten days is fine enough. Apart from this, the battery of the tablet is replaceable, which sounds to be a great thing to keep continuing the e-reading experience.

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