Barnes and Noble, a tablet manufacturing company had launched its new tablet two months ago, with full zeal and hope, but now the company has recalled its device from all the stores including physical and online. The main reason reported behind this recall is; flaws in a charging adapter of this new tablet.

We want to mention the specifications and features of this tablet here; which company is going to pull from the market due to certain flaws. The details of this product are not available on www Nook com link, as the product is no longer available for sale in the market.

Features & Specifications:

  • The price of this tablet was $50 only.
  • You can read forever with this tablet.
  • It has 7 inches IPS display that is perfect for reading purposes.
  • All the android apps can be accessed through android play store app market.
  • More than thousands of books are available below $4.9.
  • Daily technology updates though B&N readout platform.
  • 8 GB internal storage.
  • Front and rear cameras.
  • Full HD 1024×600 display.
  • Weight: 8.7 ounces.
  • Up to 7 hours of battery backup.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with 802.11 standard and dual-band frequency.
  • Expandable memory slot up to 128 GB.

All these above-mentioned features had made this tablet, a best-selling tablet in US market, but due to sudden incidents like breakage of device casing and adapter malfunctioning reported by some users coerced the company to recall this amazing device. They have also mentioned the flaws that are reported in this device on official Nook support to aware the customers and stopped providing any support on Nook com support link for this device.

The first and the latest issue with the nook was first disclosed by one of the Barnes and Noble employee, who is now a tablet user that all the Nook 7” have been recalled by the company from the market shelves. Now if you open the company’s device page, then you will see the ‘device not available’ logo on the screen with no additional information or any Nook help related to the device.

One of the company executive in a press conference with android police also shared his views regarding the adapter casing. He said if the adapter is now in your pocket, then the casing can break anytime and it can even pose a threat to you. For more clarification and help related to this issue, you can call at Nook customer service number.

According to some retailer views, they said that no injuries have been observed so far with this problem but they have warned all the Nook customers, not to use the adapter till it gets replaced by the company. They have even advised all users to stop using nook tablet awhile until the new adapter is available in the market. No doubt, users can use their tablet without any worry but they will not able to charge their device once the battery gets drained. Yes, if you are having laptop or computer at home, then you can charge your tablet through USB port of your laptop. If you face any problem in charging it, then simply log onto www Nook com account and read the instructions in the ‘nook help’ section given on the right- hand side of the screen.

The company is soon going to provide details of this problem on its website after working with consumer product safety commission. They have been trying to find the root cause of this problem and what the reasons for its recall are.

Apart from this, some researchers have also reported few issues in another Nook tablet. This is due to the bugs in the installed OS. The company has taken this flaw into consideration and soon going to launch an update for Nook tablets globally.