All new nook tablet 7 has got many adoring features to provide the fine e-reading service.  But, the recent nook tablet 7 version has also got some risky issues with its power adaptors. Eventually, Barnes and Noble pulled out 147K power adaptors of Nook tablet 7. Existing users can go for Nook help in any problematic situation.

Are you enjoying fine e-reading with your Nook? Well, there are many fascinating reasons which can prove the ultimate experience of having a nook on your side. With the amazing features and dazzling services, Barnes and Noble Nook has always been the key device to provide the satisfactory e-reading experience to all its potential users across the global boundaries. Even its diverse range of versions has also been the key reason to grab the eyeballs many e-readers across worldwide. And with the unique range of content under the different sections, the fine tablet is still adding many new users in its list. All the new users of the device can go to www Nook com Account to create the account and kick start their e-reading experience in a fascinating way.  After creating the account, you will definitely wish to explore the device in a fine way. For that, you just need to navigate to www Nook com to get the full detailing regarding all the versions of the device, including the latest one, Nook Tablet 7.

Well, it’s been a long time that nook has come up with the latest version. All its previous versions have already been the eye-catcher for many users across the worldwide boundaries. Initially, Barnes and Noble Nook’s tablet market was actually gone down in against the top competitors like Amazon kindle. But, with the potential of coming back, the fine e-reading tablet strikes the market with its fine Nook Tablet 7.  With amazing looks and improved features, Nook Tablet 7 becomes the trending device for the Barnes and Noble Company. But, slowly and gradually, when the device gets into the hands of its potential fans in the market, the device got the problematic issue with its power adaptors. Due to this reason, Barnes and Noble have pulled out 147K power adaptors. The sole reason which has been come out for this adaptor problem is the risk of electric shock. In simple words, all the potential owners of the fine Nook tablet 7 may face any kind of electric consequences with the power adaptors. For any kind of precautionary measures, the owners can head simply head for Nook Customer Service to get the fine suggestions regarding the use of the charger.

The power adaptor actually contains the model number: TPA-95A050100UU with the manufacturing date of 201610. You will also see the power number BNTV450 on the back of the cover of your Nook. Till now, Barnes and Noble have got four reports about the explosion of the power adaptors. Currently, all the nook tablet 7 users need to be attentive with their power adapters. For any kind of support, users can also concern with the Nook Com Support to get the fine assistance and solution.