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A Simple And Easiest Way To Add Favourite Songs On Kindle Fire Tablet

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Amazon has now made possible to add your favorite songs on kindle fire Tablet. The complete guide is going to be discussed in this blog post. You need to spare some minutes for us. Just read this post and after this, you will be able to transfer audio files to kindle fire tablet.

There are mainly 3 ways to transfer files to kindle. Kindle Fire tablet is a most selling tablet on the market. Those who love to read books online are purchasing this tablet for their ease of reading. This tablet is loaded with a number of exciting features. As far as its rival companies are concerned, then no one can stand against it. The Kindle tablet is not just for reading books, you can perform multiple tasks like gaming, music and accessing videos online.

How to add music files to kindle fire?

You can add new songs to your Kindle tablet in a number of ways. If you want to update existing library, then the steps are mentioned here as under:

  1. Buy songs from Amazon: If you wish to purchase songs, then you can easily do so from Amazon music store. There is a number of songs available on this platform. It depends on your choice and selection. You can directly add these songs to kindle without any b

The very first thing that needs to be done is; opening the ‘Music app’ from Home screen of your Kindle store.

You can then browse the latest added songs according to genre, album and another category. If you want to preview a song before actually playing it, then click on ‘Play’ button. This button is available on the right-hand side of ‘Title’ option. If you like the song, then you can purchase it by clicking on ‘Price’ tag.

  1. Copy music files to Mac: For your information, we want to mention here that Kindle fire supports more than one audio format on its OS. If you have files stored in your computer in MP3 format, then you can transfer these files to your tablet with the help of USB cable. Connect one end of the cable to kindle and another end to computer. Press ‘Windows + E’ button, then click on ‘Music folder’. If you are using Mac computer, then you will find ‘Finder’ option. To transfer files to Kindle, just drag and drop the files to music folder on your Kindle. The same process can be implemented if you want to transfer the entire folder to the tablet. If you want to transfer your music folder to kindle fire tablet, then the process is quite easy.
  2. Upload music files to cloud: Are you familiar with ‘Amazon Cloud player tool’? If yes, the tool is used to store data online. You can store any type of data online with the help of Amazon cloud player tool. There is no need to create an account. Your existing account will work on it. You can use all features of the tool. To transfer data from PC, connect your Kindle to PC with the help of USB cable.

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