A recently developed Kindle voyage model has gained its own place in the E-reader market. It is being liked by millions of people around the world. As you know that Kindle has its own official Kindle support as well from where you can grab the important details about this model.

Amazon technical and development team has done a great job for launching this model. Their continuous efforts towards achieving the goal have made this device even fancier than the previous ones. This device is packed with advanced features and capabilities. The processor employed in this new model works faster than its previous model. Amazon has introduced a new ‘firefly button’ at the top of this device, which has made easier for the users to find the digital stuff from their device without any problem.

Kindle paperwhite model was launched earlier in 2012. At that time, it was considered the best model from the Amazon Company. The main features included in this model at that time were; E-ink technology, LED light and keyboard. The main function of inbuilt LED was to provide additional light on the screen so that the reader will feel easy for eyes while reading a digital book on E-reader. The company had launched this model with the aim to provide the best experience to the users, who love to read books through Digital device. The new model recently launched by Amazon is free from issues like ‘frozen screen’ and connectivity problem. In earlier models, when the user tried to read the EBooks on his device, then the screensaver was stuck in the middle of the screen, which became the hindrance for reading. Now all these issues are fixed by the company in their new models and in case if the users find any problem, then they can call at Amazon kindle customer service number.

If you have a deep interest in reading a book, then the kindle voyage model is the best in class. It is equivalent to riding a swanky car like Lamborghini on a highway. It’s worth mentioning here that this model is costlier than other E-reader models, but if you want to experience the best learning from Digital books, then nothing can be better than this device. Its price constraint can be sidelined at this point of time. If you want to take any type of kindle help, then you can log onto the official Amazon kindle support link.

 Now we are going to discuss the outstanding features of this Kindle voyage model, which can motivate you to buy it. If you are going to read any book from your digital device, then any advertisement or unwanted mail on the screen in-between may disturb you. This new model is loaded with capabilities to block these obstructions successfully so that you can enjoy deep reading. Apart from this function, if you want to hide any information like page details, page swapping function or footnotes, then you can do it easily by getting into the ‘settings’ menu or you can log onto www kindle com support link for additional help.

Another surprising thing about this device is that it only weighs 6.4 ounces, which is far lesser than the previous model. A user can easily hold it in one hand without any pain and stretch. If you want to have a cup of tea along with reading a book, then you can easily hold the cup in another hand. This is another astounding fact about this new device. Information related to kindle fire tablet is available on Kindle fire support link