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A Guide For Newbies To Use Kindle Ereader

Kindle Ereader

Kindle eReader is a digital version of physical books designed and marketed by Amazon, an online retailer company. You can read any title of book, newspaper, magazine, and blogs on Kindle eReader by just connecting it to the internet.

There is a number of Kindle models available in the market which varies from each other in terms of specifications and design.

The things required from you to use kindle include:


Computer with internet connection

Amazon account and

Credit and debit card details for payment verification.

Now, coming to the main point that is how to use Kindle properly. If you are a newbie, then must pay close attention to each and every point.

  1. Power on your eReader. To power on the Kindle, the process is the same for almost all kindle models except kindle keyboard. You need to press the power button given on the right-hand side of the device.
  2. From the home screen, click on Navigation control keys which are 5 in number. Four for directions and one for ‘Enter’. If you are having a kindle touch model, then you can do the same from the Kindle screen only. To go back to the main menu, you can make use of same keys but in kindle touch, directly press the home key on the screen.
  3. After turning on the Kindle, you are required to join the network. You can connect your kindle to the Wi-Fi network available at home. If you have activated whispersyn on kindle, then you can use the cellular data of your kindle.
  4. Now, you have to register the Kindle to the Amazon Account. For this, log in to the account with the help of navigation keys. Click on ‘Registration’ given under ‘Settings’ page. You have to enter the Amazon account details here.

If you have an account, then directly enter the username and password you have linked to the Amazon account. If you don’t have an on Amazon, then sign-up for the account first, then add the same to the .

  1. If you find any problem in opening the library or downloading the content from the library, then you can take help from preloaded guide available online on the Kindle store.
  2. To charge the Kindle, connect it either to the power adapter or to the computer USB port. For both the devices, you need a USB cable to connect to it. Connect one end of the cable to kindle and another to the power adapter or to the USB port of computer.
  3. To change the page number or turn in sequence, just press the page button from Kindle device or if you have kindle touch device, then press on the left or right-hand side of the screen to turn page accordingly.
  4. If you want to purchase any title online, then just head to the Amazon store and type the book name or author name. All the results related to the search will be displayed on the front screen. If you want to read the description of any title, just bring the cursor to the title. More than 3 lakh titles are available online on kindle bookstore. If you want to store any book for offline reading, then download the book when the Kindle is connected to the network.
  5. If you want to send the important documents to the Kindle, then you can do so from your mail address, just download the supported app in the Kindle and fetch mail documents through it. You can manage your Kindle content by clicking on ‘Manage kindle’ option under the ‘Settings’ menu.

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