Barnes and Noble NOOK have restrained its financial support from publishing platform. The self-publishing business was already missing out in many key areas compared to other companies like Amazon and Apple. Now, it has been falling further at a faster rate than before.

Today in this blog post, we will discuss that is it worth to publish books thereon on this platform or not. We are going to discuss the five facts with you that you must know before publishing a book on Nook press. These 5 facts will provide a clear picture about the publishing platform to you so that you do not find any need to take help from Nook support.

Nook Is On The Decline

Before discussing any further, all the indie authors know that the Nook has slipped from #1 to #2 in its nook self-publishing business. According to the company reports, there has been 25% decline in the sale of books this year as compared to the previous year. So, we can easily judge its significant drop from the data report provided by the company on the website. Everything is fully described on the link that shows ‘how the Nook press has fallen from such an immense heights’ during the last one year.

Indie Authors Influence The Bestseller List

One of the major disadvantage reported in Nook press is absurd user-interface. No reader can easily find the title of his choice on this platform. This has become a challenge for them. They feel annoyed in searching the titles from the list. Some deprived users have even switched to Amazon for searching the books and they find this platform better for themselves.

It is difficult to find the list of best-sellers through Barnes and Noble search engine. The statistics pulled out by Hugh Howey and data guy revealed the author earnings from several projects. The procedure to find similar data on Amazon is quite easy that you only need to enter the author name in the search field, rest everything is done by the amazon itself.

There’s Need To Pay An Attention To Format

When Nook press formally publishes any title, then it looks totally different from that of Amazon one. There are many issues related to format and nook help support that displeases the indie authors. No doubt, some of these issues have been ratified in the last two years but still there are many which are unacceptable by the dedicated authors.

Nook press applies epub format for books. You might be thinking that this is the easily available format and can easily be uploaded on Nook platform but this is not true. There is no guarantee of your file that whether it will be accepted or not. The information regarding the same is even not available on www nook com account link from where you can check. Your Book may return as it is from the Nook press without any reason but there is no proper solution found out by Nook team yet to fix this problem.

Nook Support Has A Poor Reputation

The customer service and support provided by the Amazon and apple is far better than Nook com support link. Emails sent by authors remained unanswered and if some replies are sent that are also not related to the problem. It seems irrelevant to the problem.

It Is Still Liked By Some Authors

Despite its declining trend and sales, some authors are still using and like the Nook press service. They feel comfortable with the Nook customer service provided to them from the Nook officials. They feel pride in using this platform and believe that hard work is the only way to get success.