Barnes & Noble Nook Apps

Barnes and noble nook tablets have already set up its e-reading market as one of the finest services experienced by its e-readers across the world. With astonishing features, fine specs and better services, it has emerged as a supreme competitor in the market. The device to store books unleashes its capability of handling other tasks in a versatile way. Despite having better services and features, there are many occasions you have to witness problematic issues, which can be sorted out by Nook com Support for any technical assistance. For minor issues, you can simply dial Nook customer service to sort out. Different category of apps is available in nook tablets to provide an amazing experience of enjoying the book with some quality apps. Well, as you know about the large numbers available in the apps section, which includes free and paid apps. But, as we care for all the potential users of nook out there, we come up with 5 best free apps that will entertain you and will make your experience much better.

5 Best Free Nook Tablet Apps Are:


SeesmicEverybody out there interacts with many people on daily basis, which makes the social life very important. And all of you out there knows the best social media platforms like Facebook, Google and twitter are the key sources to stay connected with your contacts. Well, Seesmic helps you to interact with these platforms to easily get connected without any hindrance. Among all the platforms, twitter clients get the ultimate benefit with multiple account support and Twit longer. Now you will not miss anything socially!

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser

If you look at the native devices, the behavior of default browser is quite common. They actually render the services in the desired way of the device, which is not wrong in any sense. Apart from the native browsers like Internet explorer, there are many better options available to attain your attention. That one kind of app in your nook tablet is “Dolphin Browser”, which got the same functioning features like other browsers. The difference is the factors like reliability, flexibility, speed and better built for other mobile devices than the other available options in the market.



Many of you who work professionally would relate himself/herself with this app, but many are unaware about this useful app. Everyone sitting under the rock should now move to the cloud for getting the amazing experience, as dropbox is the ultimate source for cloud-based storage. You just need to install it on any device to transfer your important files with minimum efforts. Just upload any document on your desktop, and then access it to your Nook tablet. After accessing the file you can save and pull the file to your computer, which will allow you to access all important documents.



All the reading stuff don’t lie in between two hard covers of any book. Still, there are some fine reporting and journalistic writing which are going out in the world. Flipboard is one of those kinds of the app which can offer you the best words straight to your house. Just flip through the collection of finest stories of many publications that are more than the bold headlines. It offers you the best content from different corners of the world and let you read anytime.


EvernoteWant to remember any book title your friend told you this week? Or any interesting idea while watching your favorite series? Then you just need Evernote to look and store your fascinating ideas and important topics. You can easily create visual, voice or text reminders to stay updated and on-time. It will definitely fill up the gap in your memory.

Other free apps

Other Nook Apps

This section includes other free apps you may try according to your need.

  • Netflix
  • Stitcher: A radio app to provide you latest news and content.
  • Ancestry: A family oriented app, you can find some interesting ancestral facts about your ancestors.

Being as a nook user if you find any technical mess with your nook device or you want to receive any kind of Nook Help then navigate to www nook com.