Nook HD is not merely an e-reader but it is a powerful device which can be used for making an effective presentation. Nook supports a variety of file formats and provides access to photos and documents. In addition to this, you can also you connect Nook to your computer and transfer photos from your PC to your Nook device. Photos that are stored in the digital camera’s microSD card can also be accessed on your Nook and also support is available for Nook devices at Nook com support is there to help you.

Read below steps to connect your Nook to the computer

  • Simply connect your Nook to your computer via a NOOK USB cable
  • Now, wait till the device drivers finish updating on your computer. If you are connecting your Nook for the first time to your computer then select “Open device to view files using Windows Explorer”. Your computer will display Nook as a new device called BNTV400 which you can see in the “My Computer “directory.
  • Simply double-click the “BNTV400” drive and open the “Internal Storage” folder.
  • Now open “My files” folders and open the “Pictures” sub –folder and drop the pictures from other directories to the “Pictures” sub-folder.
  • After you have transferred the photos right click on the BNTV400 drive in My computer and eject it.
  • Now on your Nook’s home screen tab “library” and then tap “My files” which you will find within the library and after that select “Pictures” to view the photos those you have transferred.

Insert MicroSD Card Into NOOK

  • Now find the microSD slot which is located on the bottom edge of the NOOK you can also take Nook help in case of any difficulty? All you need to do is pull the lid out of the bezel and open the slot and insert the microSD card.
  • Now tap the “Library” on the Nook’s home screen and then tap “My Files” Within the library and click the “SD Card “tab to access the photos which are present on the card.
  • Now again place the Nook down on a flat surface and pull the lid out of the bezel and after push in the memory card and partially release the card out,
  • Lastly, slide the card the rest of the way out of the slot and take it out and push the lid back in its place.

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